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Summer 2014!
What a summer! Slammin' productions in the works! New Chocolate Hot Pockets material brewing! These guys have so much talent it's perhaps a little frightening. The songs and the grooves are tight! Secret Mackenzie Rhythm Section track simmering on the upper left side of the stove. Good things to come from those Kool Kats. Brand new Concession 23 record being recorded as we speak, too! Magic PZM mic on the upright bass is icing on the cake for this incredible new record. Radiogenic keep chipping away at their new disc with ever developing harmony and some of the catchiest melodies I've heard! Doll are back with some new sounds and piano driven textures that forecast great new things to come. New Bazbro record almost complete, as well! Lovin' the direction of this new material!

Spring 2014!
Spring gives rise to a brand new set of records from Sound of Lions, The SoulJazz Orchestra, MoonFruits, and Wicked Grin. We spent the winter tweakin' away in the lab working on these records. What a lovely time to have them released to everyone! Enjoy! Also, new material from Devon O'Reily being released this month. Such a talent! Make sure to check out Raven and the Light Tree's new album: A dreamy set of live improvised moods guaranteed to bug out to. Big Balad were in for a couple of days laying down beds for a forthcoming release, and The Gallop's new EP is all done ready for its day. Radiogenic continue working on their debut: beautiful melodies and hooks and a real positive trip. Love it. Mixxxing the new Soul Motivators' new record with SoulJazz's Mr. Pierre Chretien. Those cats have some heavy grooves. Great recording and a great vibe.
Winter Records!!
Ahh, Winter! Could do without you, but it's nice to cozy up to a warm amp and lay down some cool tracks. Lots of stuff happening here at Metro Sounds! New Wicked Grin release...big sound and great grooves! Look for a couple of new videos to be released soon! MoonFruits debut just released as well: A sweet collection of acoustic guitar driven tunes and fantastic harmonies. Just finishing up Trevor Alguire's new record...live off the floor recording with minimal overdubs...great performances all around. Mixing the new Gallop EP. So happy to be a part of this great project! A new Junkie and the Spider song is in the works. Great song, lots of surprises, and a big, big sound. Look for new spring releases from Raven and the Light Tree, SoulJazz Orchestra, Phil Motion, Kenny Creole, and Brad Basnett!

Brand New Doll Video....
Check out this new video of Plastic Lies from Doll! Heavy track and even heavier clip. Great work, once again!

Check out this new video of Out of Control from Lena and the Deepsoul!

Glorious Betamax!
Check out this new video of Conquering Lion from The Souljazz Orchestra!

New Video!!
Check out this new video of Driftwood from Claude Munson and the Storm Outside!

Another Video!
Check out this new video of Youth of Today, Hope For Tomorrow from Doll!

New Records!!
Brand new records from The Dusty Drifters and Claude Munson and the Storm Outside. Congrats to all involved! Also: Fuel The Phoenix's new album is approaching the duplication stage. Check their Facebook page for upcoming shows! Mixing some killer Soulfat tracks: dirty blues with a vintage vibe. Really diggin' it!

Getting Chilly Out There!
Claude Munson's new record is in the process of being mastered! A superb Phil Lafreniere production from top to bottom. So happy to be a part of this killer project. Also: Still mixing Lena and the Deep Soul's< new record. These funky cats straight outta Montpellier, France know all the hooks and vibes to get your feet moving and butt shaking. Dirty, dirty mixes. In honor of their formidable groove, I offer the recipe to my new favorite drink: A French Quarter: 2 1/2 oz Apricot Brandy, 3/4 oz Lillet, shake with ice et voila! Trevor Alguire's new record 'Till Sorrow Begins to Call is out! Hot on the heels of his NAC 4th stage launch, Trevor hits the road to support this great new album. Congrats, man! Also: tracked 3 more songs for Fuel the Phoenix. These guys can play so hard; hooky vocals over massive beds. New EP coming soon! Makes sure to grab a copy of The Souljazz Orchestra's newest Strut release Solidarity. Available where finer records and tapes are sold. Already garnering some serious international acclaim, Solidarity is a dirty record that reeks of spent tubes and suspect transistors. Their world tour is in full swing starting mid-october.

Fall 2012!
What a summer it's been! New records are dropping like the fall leaves from Claude Munson, SoulJazz Orchestra, Dusty Drifters, and Trevor Alguire. Keep bugging your local record store for these choice new releases. Also: brand new music currently being recorded and mixed from Sounds of Lions, Fuel the Phoenix, Projectgrey, and Lena and the Deep Soul. Killer tracks all around from these great artists!

New equipment, new records, new grooves, new leaves on the trees! Fuel The Phoenix is tracking 4 brand new songs. Huge sound thanks to a killer rhythm section and a Mesa/Boogie that refuses to disappoint. Looking forward to tracking some vocals soon! Just started some work with Still Native: Another Phil Motion production that's shaping up to be great. Claude Munson mixes coming along, and Trevor Alguire's latest record is almost in mix mode! The mighty Doug Meek is giving my new MCI JH110 the once over! Can't wait to fire it up!! Make sure to check out the credits and equipment sections for all the latest goods!


No better way to spend winter than hovering over warm equipment and tracking some heavy grooves! Claude Munson is in heavy mix mode: lush tracks with lush orchestration. An absolute pleasure to work on. All analog Phil Motion session coming up: Live off the floor is the only way to really capture this massive band's sound! 8 tracks and the truth! Also: Powergoats continue to mix their forthcoming EP. Stones meet Hip meet Awesome. Killer tracks, fellas! Trevor Alguire continues to track some beautiful songs and some great performances so far. Always a great time working on his material. Concession 23's Jonathan Ferrabee recorded some heavy upright bass on these tracks. The foundation is laid!

Mostly addicted to this lately. Here's the recipe:

Fill a glass with ice and add:
1 oz Campari
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
Club Soda
Lemon Twist

New Records available from Slim Moore and the Mar-Kays, Phil Motion, and Doll! Check 'em out! Slim and Doll's new records also available on vinyl, and Phil Motion's new release as a digital download. Great work all around!

What a krazy-kool summer it's been! Make sure to check out Slim Moore and the Mar-Kays debut record: a thick analog vibe and a heavy soul hunk of wax. Love this record and was happy to be a part of it. I was honoured to work with producers Harry Beauclaire and Thibeaux Toussaint on this great new album. New Trevor Alguire record starting up next week! Looking forward to laying down some pre-prod tracks; Trevor's got an armload of killer new songs in the works. Looking forward to tracking a follow up to last years Now Before Us. Mackenzie Rhythm Section are closer than ever to completing their debut disc. It's almost down to the mastering stage! Doll has finished up their new record. Just a few more tweaks and it's off to uber-master mastering engineer David Gain to give it the final touch!

Ahh Spring has sprung like the glorious "sproing" of an old spring reverb! Busy last couple of months here at Metro-Sounds: Doll is in heavy mix mode with about 9 songs completed..so proud of this production..lovin' the process..more drums to be recorded in the upcoming days. Nilla released her teaser EP Night Phoenix..looking forward to working on more of her awesome tracks. The lovely and talented Amelia Leclair was back tweaking her killer material..such heavy grooves and such effortless vocals..great vibe.

05 01 2011 - Winter!

Lotsa stuff happening this month! Congrats to Souljazz Orchestra's inclusion of Rising Sun in CBC's top 10 albums of 2010! Well Deserved! Wicked Grin's Down to the Corner is all finished up and currently being expertly mastered by David Cain at Soundmaster Studios. Looking forward to an upcoming release! The Mackenzie Rhythm Section keeps chipping away at their forthcoming release...dirty funky awesome. The Mar-Kays are entering the home stretch...starting mixing next week...serious grooves...orchestral bombastic. Doll scheduled to start recording 6 new tracks...thick and heavy grooves...love working with these guys!

10 22 2010 - Getting cold out there!
Luckily things are heating up here at Metro! Almost finished mixing Wicked Grin's new album Down to the Corner...thick sound and great performances. Gonna miss these guys around here! The Mar-Kays keep working on their debut release...Zak Frantz laying down the dirty funk flute. Congrats to Al Wood and the Woodsmen on their Road to Memphis win! I'm lucky to be joining these cats on this southern jaunt....looking forward to good food and drink and plenty of music. Phil Motion's Easy Lo-Fi Productions is having an awesome fall with two grant applications recently approved and ready to go. Congrats! Doll continues working on their latest release with killer bass and drums providing the framework for some serious guitar work in the upcoming weeks.

09 05 2010 - Fall
New records in the works! Started tracking new Doll material...we've got the drum tracks to 3 songs down...looking forward to working on these heavy songs...mind numbing intensity. Finished mixing and mastering the new Professor Wouassa album Dangerous Koko! Huge Afrobeat record featuring monster tunes and monster-er beats. Real happy to have been involved in it! Wicked Grin's new album has entered mix mode...can't wait to start getting down to the nitty gritty on these tunes...love working on this stuff. Mixing a new slammin' Powergoats track...these guys are the real deal..lovin' the vibe. Starting to record and produce a new Junkie and the Spider track...always a pleasure to work with these uber talented players. Phil Motion and the Easy Lo-fi popped by to tweak and edit some more dirty funk tracks...serious grooves, serious beats and serious vibe..that's all I ask for!


"Jason Jaknunas patiently walks that fine line on the confluence of art and science. His poised patience, professionalism and technological know always result in the perfect take. Passionate about what he does, and always ready to discuss every alternative JJ has become "the guy" to get a project from seedling to tree!"
- Al Wood,
Al Wood and The Woodsmen

It's all true... I had a wonderful time working with Jason Jaknunas on two full-length studio albums. He has sharp attention for detail, great musical intuition, an understanding of a broad range of instruments and recording approaches, and strikes a refreshing balance between professionalism and personability, making for clear communication and a fun recording atmosphere. All these qualities instilled confidence going into the projects, as well as satisfaction with the end results, even listening to them years later."
- Trevor Tchir

"Jason Jaknunas has a natural gift for making musicians feel at ease during sessions, and commands the best personal performance in a fun and creative atmosphere. As a producer he understands what needs to be accomplished, gives honest feedback, and goes the extra distance to give each project the best representation of the artist's vision. Every musician who has worked with JJ can't wait to get back to Metropolitan Studios to record again!"
- Julie Larocque

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